Homerton NHS staff enjoy airline-style relaxation lounge

Project Wingman staff outside of the ‘Wellbee’ bus Pic: Project Wingman

Homerton Hospital has been chosen as the first port of call for a mobile relaxation lounge created by an airline crew to help de-stress NHS staff fighting the pandemic

The volunteers, all former and current aircrew staff – who are trained in helping others to de-stress, many of whom have been unable to work during the pandemic – have been creating spaces where NHS staff can relax and unwind under the Project Wingman banner.

At Homerton, the visiting Project Wingman ‘Welbee’ bus which began at the hospital on February 1, has been described by Homerton Maternity’s Twitter page as: “An opportunity for staff to have a break and imagine we’re on a plane flying to the Maldives instead of being in Hackney in freezing temperatures”.


The mobile lounge is open every day and offers a comfortable environment with sofas and magazines, but also a kitchen serving beverages and hot food as well as the airline staff themselves offering support and a friendly face to talk to.

Tonya Chalker, Homerton’s charity manager, said: “We are delighted to be chosen as the first port of call for the ‘Wellbee’ bus.

“It provides a great place to provide much-needed relaxation to staff on their breaks from the stresses and strains of working on the wards and other parts of the hospital and community”.

NHS staff enjoying their visit to the ‘Wellbee bus’ Pic: Project Wingman

Over 4,000 NHS staff work at Homerton Hospital where 1,744 patients who have contracted COVID-19 have been admitted since the beginning of the global pandemic, according to the government.

The space which has provided comfort for up to 150 frontline NHS staff members each day, and remained at Homerton Hospital until Sunday February 14 is continuing to travel the country to provide many other hospitals with the experience.

Project Wingman have also helped 79 hospitals across the UK through first class lounge experience’s inside the hospitals for NHS staff.  Included in this list are Lewisham University Hospital and Lewisham Queen Elizabeth.

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