Artist fundraises to create mural in community centre

Rose on Rose Hill Designs Make Your Pet Famous Mural old Diorama.
Hill with a mural entitled ‘Make Your Pet Famous’ Pic: Keith Hill

A Hackney-based artist has begun a fundraiser to raise money to paint a mural in a Tower Hamlets community centre as part of a passion project to bring the community together.

Rose Hill, an award-winning graphic artist, aims to raise £7,645 for the materials to paint a mural across a wall of the Sundial Centre; a day care centre for older people in the local community on Shipton Street in Bethnal Green. It serves as both a day care and a community centre.

The fundraiser, which started on February 11, has already raised just under £1,500 for the project. Supporters include charities and local people.

The artist runs Rose Hill Designs, which specialises in greeting cards and illustration and is based in Stamford Hill. Hill herself is a reward-winning artist whose work has been in exhibitions.

Hill is also running a series of free art workshops for people to learn about new and old techniques for drawing, painting and pattern design and to eventually help her paint the abstract pattern mural.

Rose Hill at the Make Your Pet Famous Picknik Exhibition
Hill with her ‘Make Your Pet Famous mural Pic: Eddie Bradley

At the moment her workshops are being held online due to the pandemic concerns, though she hopes she can get the workshops to be more in-person in the future when lockdown restrictions are eased.

The lessons held in these workshops will have an influence on the eventual design of the 20m by 8.2m mural, with the taught subjects of “imperative pattern styles” coming into play during the painting process. The painting of the mural will begin once the fundraiser quota is met.

Hill told ELL: “These will form the basis of the co-designed mural which will be structured in a way that they’re learning lots of skills but allowing enough time to play and be creative.”

She has no idea what the final design of the mural is going to look like as of yet, as it will largely depend on the people involved.

“Each workshop shows all stages of the design development process and stands alone because the participants won’t necessarily be attending every workshop. Being workshops that inspire participants, promote creativity and innovation whilst following well-planned criteria.”

“I’ve seen first-hand how these workshops create confidence, excitement, and connection – to our neighbours and the world around us.” she said.

Those attending the workshops are local families, general volunteers and even staff from the Centre itself. It is meant as a collaborative effort to bring people of the area together.

“We’ll watch the project progress and it’ll become a focal point and a destination to visit making it a cultural attraction that draws visitors to the area and inspires community spirit, cleanliness, and inclusiveness,” she added.

She said she hoped the project would “bring everyone together after months of isolation to collaborate with groups that don’t usually connect.”

“I’m so excited to make this project a reality and truly believe it will bring so much joy and happiness to our Hackney and Tower Hamlets community,” said Hill, who added: “We need your help with likes, comments and pledges as it will really make such a difference, let’s make it happen.”

Donations to Hill’s project, with more details, can be found here:


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