Missing cat limps home after four months away

Mariam Ahmed holding Honey Pic: Zainab Ahmed

A cat who went missing for four months has returned to her owners when all hope of finding her seemed lost.

Honey, who was only a few weeks old when her owners Mariam and Zainab Ahmed welcomed her into their home from a family friend in 2017, went missing from their house in Medway Road, Bow in November last year. After months of looking for her through both online methods and putting posters on trees, their beloved cat made a surprise return home last week.

Mariam Ahmed, 23, a law student at the University of East London, told Eastlondonlines: “I looked through my bedroom window as I always do every morning when I wake up just to keep an eye on my new car, and I was absolutely over the moon to see Honey sitting on the front porch near the house gate.

She looked to be fast asleep from waiting for someone to open the door,” Ahmed said. “I jumped out of bed and ran downstairs like I was a kid waking up on Christmas Day. I held her in my arms and carried her inside. It was the best feeling I have had through this past year which has been difficult as it is.”

Honey. Pic: Mariam Ahmed

However, Mariam soon noticed a limp when Honey started walking which suggested she had been injured in the time she was away. 

“I noticed her limping as she took her first steps back in the house,” she added. “It seems as though she may have been in a fight at some point while she was away. We need to get her to see the vet as soon as possible. She’s never had an issue like this before so I am quite worried – hopefully it’s something which can be resolved soon.

We’re just thrilled to have her back as soon as we were losing hope we will never get to see her again. I’m tempted to just cuddle her forever now just so she doesn’t leave my sight again.”

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