These 4 Walls : A series about our life in lockdown

By Anna Prudhomme, Nenseh Koneh, Weronika Strzyżyńska

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, UK residents have had to completely restructure their day-to-day lives while living in one of the world’s strictest lockdown measures. In the blink of an eye, bedrooms were adjusted to office spaces for work, parents found themselves juggling home schooling for their young ones, cocktail hour was shared through a zoom link, and the kitchen fridge became our own five-star restaurant.

Over the next three days, “These 4 walls” will tell the stories of an array of people and their experiences while being placed in this stay-at-home order over the last year. We will also examine some of the trends which offer an insight into what was happening behind our closed doors over the last year, including domestic abuse, working from home, and medicine prescriptions.

You can follow more of These 4 Walls stories, facts and voices on our Instagram page where over the next two days we will hear from ELL residents letting us peak into their daily lockdown lives.

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