Croydon to vote in council by-elections along with mayoral and GLA elections

Croydon Council will hold by-elections for five councillor vacancies Tomorrow, Thursday 6 May. Pic:

Voters in Croydon will head to the polls tomorrow, Thursday 6 May, in a series of elections including a by-election to fill five councillor vacancies in the wards of New Addington North, Woodside, South Norwood, Kenley, and Park Hill & Whitgift. 

They will also, alongside the rest of the capital, vote to chose a mayor and members of the Greater London Assembly.

The Labour party, Conservative party, Green party and The Liberal Democrats all have a full set of nominations across the five wards. 

There are also candidates from a new political group, Taking The Initiative Party, that have been nominated in the Woodside and South Norwood wards. 

There are a total of 28 candidates nominated across the five Croydon wards. 

Voters from the Croydon wards will receive a separate poll-card relating to the by-election along with the poll-card for the Greater London Authority elections. 

Each of the nominated political parties for the five Croydon wards have been promoting their manifesto to the community. 

Labour’s candidate in New Addington North ward, Kola Agboola said: “I am heartbroken to see what 11 years of a Conservative government has done to Croydon – our youth services, policing, and our economy. Our old people are vulnerable, and our young people do not have the opportunities many of us enjoyed. We must fight back for better services.

“I am a firm believer in community values, enabling everyone’s voice to be heard and justice for all, no matter your background or where you live. Covid 19 was a dark time for all of us – but in many ways we saw the best of our community, as everyone helped each other to cope.” 

Sonia Marinello, The Conservative’s candidate for the councillor position in the South Norwood Ward retweeted her actively promoting her campaign for the by-election: 

In her statement, Sonia Marinello said: “I’ve seen first-hand the passion of the South Norwood community through working on our campaign to fight the terrible Low Traffic Neighbourhoods. As someone who lived on Albert Road I know the huge impact it’s having locally.

“South Norwood has been taken for granted by Labour for too long. They’ve ignored us on the LTNs, they’ve ignored us on the appalling state of the flats on Regina Road, and they’ve ignored our pleas to save our precious South Norwood Library. 

“South Norwood deserves better. With my passion for justice, I’ll work night and day to make sure you get the representation you deserve on Croydon Council.” 

Richard Howard, a Chartered Financial Analyst and Liberal Democrat’s candidate for the councillor position in the Park Hill & Whitgift ward said: “With my experience, I believe that I can provide the financial accountability and scrutiny that Croydon Council so desperately needs.” 

Andrew Rendle, once a Labour Councillor is now standing  with the Liberal Democrats for the councillor vacancy in Woodside ward said: “We have seen recently how council tenants have been let down, it should not be journalists unearthing problems but local councillors. As a former councillor and MP’s caseworker, dealing with individuals and helping them with all manner of issues is my motivation for standing.” 

The Green Party’s candidate for the councillor position in Woodside ward, Peter Underwood said: “Voting Green this time will show that you can’t be taken for granted and will force all the other councillors to put more effort in if they don’t want to be voted out next time.” 

Ria Patel, a first-time candidate, standing with the Green Party for the councillor position in the South Norwood said: “I believe that Croydon needs a new Green approach.

“From affordable housing that’s fit to live in and fighting cuts to the public services, to helping ensure bins are collected and fly-tips are cleared, every act of service helps to create a more welcoming community.

“I will fight to save the services we all rely on and work to create an even better future for the next generation.” 

Residents living in the borough who are British, eligible Commonwealth, Irish or European Union citizens and aged 18 or over on Thursday 6 May, will be able to vote at these by-elections, but only if they have registered to vote before midnight on 19 April 2021. 

Voting will be done by post, proxy and at polling stations in each of Croydon’s wards during the usual polling hours of 7am to 10pm on Thursday 6 May 2021. 

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