As key displays are cancelled due to Covid, how to enjoy Bonfire Night where you are

Best Bonfire Night fireworks in London 2021 - Special Event -
Fireworks Festival at Alexandra Palace. Pic: Alexandra Park & Palace Charitable Trust

While the big annual firework displays across Tower Hamlets, Croydon, Lewisham, and Hackney have been cancelled due to Covid, locals can still enjoy Bonfire Night.

Also known as Guy Fawkes Night, the annual commemoration on November 5 celebrating that King James I had survived an attempt on his life usually sees large events at Victoria Park, Crystal Palace, Blackheath, and Clissold Park. None are running this year.

Here are some smaller events celebrating Bonfire Night across the ELL boroughs:


Although, Hackney firework display at Clissold Park has been cancelled, the community has organised a smaller celebration РSouth Hackney Bonfire Night  which is taking place on November 5 at 6pm.

Tower Hamlets:

Tower Hamlets Firework display at Victoria Park is also cancelled due to Covid guidelines for the public. However, locals can still go and celebrate Bonfire Night on a smaller scale at Alexandra Palace Fireworks Festival on November 6.


As a result of budget cuts, the Blackheath Fireworks display will not be taking place this year. However, for the locals who still want to celebrate Bonfire Night, Lewisham Gardens announced fireworks display at St Mary’s Church Therapeutic Garden on Sunday November 7.

The firework display is going to be accompanied by Handel’s Music for the Royal Fireworks played live by the Sonnet Wind Orchestra.


Crystal Palace Fireworks Spectacular announced on October 18 that their firework display for 2021 will also be cancelled in accordance with the Covid guidelines, Croydon locals can still celebrate Bonfire Night at New Addington Bonfire Night the November 5; Beckenham Fireworks in the Park on the November 6 and Ridgeway Firework display on the November 7 2021.

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