Insulate Britain protesters target Canary Wharf

Protesters closed roads across London Pic: PA

Insulate Britain protesters glued themselves to the road today (October 25) at the Limehouse Causeway in Canary Wharf causing traffic mayhem and transport delays. 

The action at Canary Wharf was one of 14 across the capital, in the group’s renewed climate action campaign, calling on the government to take responsibility for the country’s emissions. The protest started at 8.30am, with a turnout of over 50 protesters. 

At least 52 arrests have been made against the demonstrators today across London, many of whom had set up along the busier roads and glued their hands to the ground in front of traffic during rush hour in the name of ending carbon emissions. 

Some of the busiest roads had been targeted for the demonstrations, including some outside of Canary Wharf such as Liverpool Street and Upper Thames Street. Some protesters had glued themselves to the roads, with police having been forced to intervene in ungluing them. Others had simply blocked the roads whilst bearing banners reading ‘Insulate Britain.’ 

For the sake of cutting carbon emissions, Insulate Britain wants the government to have all UK homes be fully insulted before 2030. The group is an offshoot of the environmentalist group ‘Extinction Rebellion,’ who have frequently demonstrated against climate change in recent years. 

“We demand a meaningful statement that the government shall insulate the UK housing stock,” the group wrote in a Tweet earlier today at 9.22am. “Why should we wait until millions have lost their homes, are fighting for water or starving to death?” 

Despite the possibility of imprisonment and fines for some of the arrested, the protests continue and aren’t expected to finish anytime soon. 

“This is the first time I’ve joined in an Insulate Britain action, and it’s because I can’t sit at home and watch these brave people fight this battle for me,” said one of the protestors in a video posted on the group’s Twitter account. “I feel I have to be a part of it, I can’t be a spectator.” 

In various footage, mixed reactions can be seen from passers-by to the protest. The majority reacted negatively to the demonstration, with one filmed individual having told a protestor that he wished their family would get cancer, complaining primarily about the blocking of ambulances and emergency services. 

“If anybody gets cancer, please let it be your family. Let you know what it feels like,” said the driver.  

The Metropolitan Police tweeted: “A total of 52 people have been arrested following a number of protests across London and the City of London this morning.

“We responded alongside @CityPolice to events on Bishopsgate, Upper Thames Street, Limehouse and on Southwark Bridge. Those arrested are en route to custody.”

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