Locals become part of show at Buonaguidi Shoreditch exhibition

Hackney based artist Dave Buonaguidi worked in advertising for over 30 years and projects this into his unusual and original hand-printed screens.

From November 11-28, Jealous East gallery in Shoreditch will be showcasing his new exhibition inspired by Wot Three Wordz, inviting visitors to become part of the show by making their own family portrait. 

Following his rule of 3, the East London artist believes everyone’s essence can be defined by three categories- their passions, a favourite food or drink and guilty pleasures. The exhibition will feature a fruit machine adapted by Buonaguidi, to generate random words for each user. Visitors will then use a vintage photo booth where a portrait will be printed with the words on.

A representative from the Jealous Gallery said: ‘The Crouch End debut features a family-friendly fruit machine and the chance for kids and parents alike to create a bespoke one-of-a-kind family portrait commission… friends-lovers-kids-pets-everyone’s welcome!’

Buonaguidi encourages everyone to come and see what three words they are made up of-

“Will it be frogs, burps and crisps- disco, spitting, butter- or gaming, bogies and fanta!”

The show inspired by his previous ‘Wot Three Wordz’ works will also feature his famous pink three word prints in his infamous style, showcasing Buonaguidi’s way of clashing vintage family pictures with humorous random words- showing his love for collecting mementos from the past whilst addressing the future of art and hysteria. 

An 18-rated word machine for an adult friendly version of the personalised prints will also be running in the gallery for all visitors to enjoy. You can become part of Wot Three Wordz at Jealous Gallery, East 53 Curtain Road, Shoreditch from 11-28th November.

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