Tower Hamlet teens focus on creativity in free arts workshops

The teenagers got the chance to participate in free arts and design workshops

Tower Hamlets teenagers between the ages 11-19 years got a chance to participate in a free arts and design workshops focusing on learning, creativity and environmentalism this half term.

The Team Arts Education’s Explore Autumn Programme 2021 programme said the scheme was an opportunity for young people to gain accreditation as well as enabling them to take a step towards studies in visual and design arts, hosted by the cultural and artistic education group.

Sarbjit Natt, one of the programme’s participants, told ELL: “The programme is targeted at young people aged 11-19 years old, who are interested in pursuing a career in the creative sector. Helping to provide support, encouragement and practical experience to progress onto university studies.” 

The current Patchwork Half Term programme is soon drawing to an end, hosting free activities in the field of creativity and design arts: such as drawing, sketching, and textiles, held in partnership with Central Saint Martins. 

Natt added: “The workshops cover practical activities such as drawing, mark making, design development, textiles, sketchbook work and having fun.” 

This is only one of A Team Arts Education’s arts and design efforts, with workshops having been hosted since the even last year, all throughout the seasons.  

Natt added: “Last year, we delivered a similar programme with Alexandra McQueen Design team. For the spring half term worked with architects to create a play area on Bow common and for the summer delivered an intensive four-week programme.” 

The project is based in Tower Hamlets, with the team currently delivering its half term programme at The Brady Centre, 192-96 Hanbury Street, London E1 5HU from October 25 to October 30.  

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