Dangerous weapons seized after suspects abandon vehicle in Croydon

Knives seized by Croydon Police. Pic: Metropolitan Police

Several dangerous weapons have been seized by Croydon Police after suspects abandoned a vehicle on Monday evening. 

Three arrests were made after Croydon’s Violence Suppression Team found four large knives and an iron bar inside.

Croydon Metropolitan Police said on Twitter: “The whole of the MPS will have an increased operational focus on pushing tactics to target knife crime and habitual knife carriers.”

Police’s increased focus on supressing knife crime is part of Operation Sceptre, a targeted approach specifically designed to tackle knife-related violence.

Croydon MPS said this week is “national week of intensification targeting knife crime and violence” and Operation Sceptre has had significant early success.

A second sweep along Central Parade in New Addington yesterday evening recovered three more large knives. 

Initiatives like Operation Sceptre are part of ongoing work in the wake of Operation Autumn Nights, the Metropolitan Police’s recent six-week surge bearing down on weapons-related crime.  

Commander Alex Murray, the Met’s lead for tackling violence, said: “Previously this has been a time of year where violent crime and anti-social behaviour increase and Autumn Nights is our response to that, resulting in reductions in robbery and knife crime.”

Conducted from Monday October 4 to Sunday November 14, Operation Autumn Nights saw over 800 weapons seized from London’s streets.

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