Croydon to reach 400 electric car charging points by April

Electric car charging. Pic: Albert Bridge

Croydon council is on track to reach its target of 400 electric vehicle charging points by springtime this year, the council has announced.

More than 150 charging points have already been installed while nearly 300 additional ones will be operational by the end of April, said the council.

“Providing the necessary charging infrastructure to help make electric vehicles a more attractive option for our residents is a key part of our plan to tackle the twin challenge of climate emergency and air pollution,” said Ali.

“Installation of 400 charging points is a testament to our partners in the private sector who have stepped up to help Croydon achieve its target and put us on track to meet the growing demand in the borough. We look forward to working with partners in the private sector to explore even more opportunities to bring green innovation to Croydon.”

The move towards sustainable travel is in regard to the council’s first Carbon Neutral plan, in which the borough aims to reach complete carbon neutrality by 2030.

The increase in charging points is also due to the continuous rising interest of the local community in electric vehicles. Residents, as well as cab drivers, have been contacting the council asking for electric charging points to be installed in their area.

Charging point operators have recorded 70,550 kWh in charging points within the borough, which equates to 247,000 carbon-free emission miles. Based on the assumption that all electricity used was clean, this could result in saving approximately 35 tonnes of carbon dioxide in comparison to petrol cars.

Croydon Council currently owns four fully electric driving vehicles as well as 24 hybrid vehicles.

The installation of more charging points is a part of the council’s plan in tackling the climate crisis.

Croydon’s charging points come in partnership with charge point operators as part of wider schemes supported by central government grants.

Over 200 of Croydon’s charge points are from Liberty Charge, through an Innovate UK grant which will see 600 points installed across London by the end of March.

Forty of Croydon’s new charging points are funded by London’s Go Ultra Low City grant from Transport for London and operated by which has installed 400 more charge points in London in the last year.

CEO of charging point operators, Richard Stobart said: “Thinking of the carbon neutrality goal, this is also a good way of integrating electric cars with a more renewable energy-based grid. When people can charge on their doorstep, they tend to do more overnight charging. That’s when the grid is generally at its greenest with a high proportion of renewable energy.”

Hospitality worker Hebe Abbey who drives an electric vehicle in Croydon told ELL: “I am so happy that there is finally a charging point on my road because for years I had to drive around the area until I found one.

Now that there is one near my house, I can just leave my car to charge overnight and not have to worry about it in the morning when I have to leave for work.”

Abbey also added: “Good on Croydon council for taking more action towards tackling climate change, now more people like me will be encouraged to switch to electric cars because of the increasing number of charging points.”

Additionally, the council has also set a plan for new cycle lanes in Croydon that will make the switch to green travel even easier for the local community.

They will begin construction on Brighton Road and the cycle lanes will continue through Purley High Street and Nottingham Road. The improvement will result in a direct route into Croydon town centre.

Cycle lane in Croydon. Pic: Croydon Council

The cycle scheme will help protect residential apartments from traffic as well as reduce exposure to air pollution. The scheme is also the first part of the council’s cycling offer; within the next few months, there will be 25 new cycle hangers installed per residents’ request.

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