Six-year-old raises over £2000 for school

Naomi Townsend outside Croydon Shopping Centre Pic: Lee Townsend 

A six-year-old pupil, with some help from her father, has raised nearly £2300 for her school in Croydon as part of a fundraising event at Regina Coeli Catholic Primary School.  

The school in South Croydon set the goal for each student to raise £22.22 by February 22.  

Naomi Townsend exceeded this target by raising more than 100 times the school expected with her GoFundMe page netting roughly £2,300 from donations.  

Townsend said: “No one should have to sleep on the street, it’s cold and lonely out there, and I want everyone to be warm and happy just like my little sister and I are with our family.” 

She named the GoFundMe page “Project 22” and decided against normal sponsored activities such as walks, runs or swimming calling them “boring”. 

Instead, Townsend decided to use her own pocket money she had saved to pay for ingredients to help bake and cook her favourite recipes to feed twenty-two people sleeping rough in Croydon for an evening.    

To accomplish her goal of providing food for those sleeping rough, she was able to work with the local Croydon charity Percy’s Homeless Hub which she had previously volunteered with.  

Her father, Lee Townsend, provided help during the fundraiser as he is experienced in charity work. He is the Co-facilitator of Men Cry Too and the Engagement Lead at Macmillan Cancer

Townsend, who spoke to ELL at length last year about his efforts to raise mental health awareness, said: “The evening was a great success, we have some real gems in Croydon, and Jack Percival and Adam Melius are two legends who continue to demonstrate their selflessness through Percy’s Homeless Hub.” 

“Naomi’s got a massive heart. She is so kind, giving and caring. She’s always been concerned about people sleeping on the street”. 

Townsend and her father used a food van to drive around Croydon town centre to distribute food. Percy’s Homeless Hub also provided lay down mats, sleeping bags and hygiene products as well. 

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