Introducing SexyLadyMassive: London’s first-ever women-only rave

DJ Betsy Mae and Jolie (Missy P) at SLM PJ Party. Pic: Daria Andonova

Organised by 19-year-old Jungle and Drum and Bass DJ Jolie (Missy P), SexyLadyMassive was the first female-only rave event in London.

SexyLadyMassive (SLM) started in late 2021 when Jolie decided it is time for girls to be able to enjoy the rave scene without the fear of being sexually harassed by men.

“I was sick and tired of being touched up by men at every single rave that I went to,” said Jolie.

Jolie recounted numerous times when she’s been dancing at a club and a random man would try to walk past her and somehow his hands would end up on her waist without her consent.

“I don’t appreciate when all these men… even when they try to walk past you, they still somehow have to put their hands on your waist saying ‘Excuse me darling can I just squeeze past’”.

Missy P has been active in the North London underground scene for a few years and had showcased her talent of freestyling and mixing beats yet again at SexyLadyMassive’s latest event – The PJ party, which happened last month.

Missy P on the mic at SLM PJ party. Pic: Daria Andonova

Jolie holds the raves in the Tower Hamlets area. However, in order to keep the attendees safe, SLM does not release the location of the rave until the day of the event and only those who have purchased a ticket will be able to view the location via email.

When asked why she decided to organise her own event, she said that she wanted “everyone to feel safe and be able to relax somewhere where they are free from danger”.

“I think a lot of the organisers of any kind of night-time event have seriously failed at making women feel safe and protected,” said Jolie.

SexyLadyMassive has an all-female line-up of MC rappers and DJs, as well as almost all-female staff; male staff members such as the security wear pink lanyards.

“We represent women with our line-up which is strictly all-female… We represent women with our crowd – again strictly all-female.”

MC rapper Y-zer on the mic at SLM PJ party. Pic: Daria Andonova

“We have all-female staff, and if there are any male staff members such as the security guards – they will be wearing a pink lanyard, so all the ladies know that they are safe”.

20-year-old Chemistry student from Nottingham, Michelle Cabrera-Vidal, told ELL: “You know, I had to take a three-hour coach from Nottingham to get to this rave and I do not regret it one single bit!”

Cabrera-Vidal added: “I have been to all three of SLM’s events and it is so worth it! Imagine being surrounded by nothing but beautiful women and good vibes all night long! You’re not going to want to miss Jolie’s next rave – trust me!”

Each SexyLadyMassive event has its own theme chosen by Jolie with the help of the followers of the SLM Instagram page. Before planning each event Missy P chooses three themes and then creates an Instagram story poll via which those who are attending can pick their favourite and after that she makes the final verdict.

“In terms of coming up with the themes, you just think what do ladies want? – Pyjama parties, red rooms,” said Jolie.

MC Enamie on the mic at SLM Red Room party. Pic: Daria Andonova

The first-ever event, called ‘$weet One Central’ with the candy land aesthetic theme, happened in late 2021.

The second event happened in February this year and was named ‘The Red Room’ where the interior was all red and the ladies who were attending were encouraged to incorporate at least one red item of clothing into their outfit.

Lastly, the most recent event which happened on March 24 was a Pyjama party where women could come dressed up in lingerie or dressed down in a t-shirt and pyjama pants. The point of this event was for women to “feel as comfortable as they can whilst having the time of their life”.

Jolie stated that for this specific event the theme was quite close to her heart: “I know enough girls out there that were not invited to sleepovers when they were younger and they feel left out…but you’re invited to every SexyLadyMassive party regardless of your background, financial status etc. “

The tickets for each SLM event cost £10-15 depending on how late someone purchases their ticket but for those who are unable to afford it, SLM has allocated funds so women from lower-income backgrounds can get into contact with the organisers and receive a ticket for free.

22-year-old nightclub bartender from London, Zeyna Black told ELL: “I have been to a lot of raves over the past few years and I am glad someone finally decided to host an all-women one. Girls need this. They need to be able to let loose and not have to worry about anyone taking advantage of them in that state.”

Additionally, besides the 5+ hours of non-stop drum and bass party with pole dancers, SLM also offers mini beauty stations such as makeup, nails, tooth gems and piercings.

Pole dancers at SLM PJ party. Pic: Daria Andonova

Missy P added: “I want women to feel safe, have a dance, and most importantly be their true sexy lady self.”

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