NHS Health Hub to replace Croydon community centre 

Pic: Addington Community Centre

Addington Community centre is set to be replaced as Croydon council have sold the property to the NHS who plan to open a health hub for residents. 

The hub will provide the locals with free of charge health and social care offering services such as talking therapy and counselling to those in need.  

The council have been planning to replace the community centre since 2018. 

The sale of was rubber-stamped by the council’s cabinet on Monday. It has not been revealed how much the property has been sold for to the NHS and when development will start.  

Many Croydon residents have expressed disapproval for the centre being replaced. 

The community centre provided many facilities for the public such as a youth centre, judo and a boxing club, which many residents believe has helped many young people in the area stay out of trouble and acted as a safe space. 

Still Shadey, who is chair of New Addington community group ReNA, said in a statement: “I know a young man that was stabbed on Monday evening and they’re taking away the types of places that should be used to stop this violence.” 

“We have been speaking positively with the council about providing spaces for young people who don’t have a home to go to. But after we lost another youth centre called Goldcrest last year, losing this centre, which is the home of the New Addington boxing club, hurts the community’s morale and doesn’t provide any optimism.” 

Shadey has created a petition to stop the sale of the community centre which resulted in obtaining 342 signatures. 

Councillor Andy Stranack said in a statement: “The ACA is a very treasured building with a long history in New Addington. The report says there has not been any consultation with the local community. It is not going out to the market; it appears to be a deal with the NHS that hasn’t been discussed with the community.” 

Councillor Callton Young, Croydon Council’s cabinet member for resources and financial governance said in a statement: “Sale of the old community centre will now make way for the promised multi-million-pound health hub for residents. When we leased the old centre to the local boxing club, we were clear this was a temporary arrangement. We have a good track record of helping the club’s work for the local community, including donating a boxing ring and will continue to help however possible.” 

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