Petition launched to urge support for people facing high energy bills in Croydon

Energy bills are soaring. Nick Youngson

A new petition has been launched by two NGOs, Croydon Community Energy and Croydon Climate Action, calling on local MPs to support people facing “sky-high” energy bills.

The petition said the Croydon’s housing stock and energy systems were broken and called on Croydon’s MPs to demand “rapid and meaningful” action from the Government.

More than a million households across the UK are in ‘extreme’ fuel poverty, according to the latest research by the two NGOs. These are households that spend at least 20% of their disposable income on energy. In addition, the elderly and disabled are far more likely to spend a higher proportion of their income on energy bills.

Connie Muir, the founder of Croydon Community Energy, said in a statement: “Even with the government extending its support scheme, energy prices are still double what they were last year. Families are struggling. Businesses are closing. And our bills will stay sky-high while people are forced to live in damp and poorly insulated homes – where money spent on heating is leaking through our walls and ceilings.”

The following three requests are mentioned in the petition:

  • Immediate additional financial support is needed to keep people warm. Despite the Government’s price freeze, millions of people are still paying far too much for energy. With the cost of food and other essentials continuing to rise, far too many people will be forced to ration their energy use and live in cold homes this winter. More targeted help is needed to keep people warm and healthy.
  • A national insulation campaign. Insulating people’s homes is the cheapest and easiest way to permanently reduce the bills. But most people cannot afford it. Government need to immediately implement an emergency programme of insulation and energy-saving measures, starting in low-income neighbourhoods.
  • Long-term solutions to the broken energy system. The current energy system prioritises massive profits for fossil fuel companies over meeting people’s basic needs. Everyone deserves a warm place to live, and there’s no reason why we can’t all have one.

“We’re calling on Steve Reed, Sarah Jones and Chris Philp MPs to make sure everyone in Croydon has a warm home that doesn’t cost the earth,” Muir added.

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