TikToker Mizzy hit with social media ban and faces sentence after he “deliberately flouted” court order

Mizzy leaving Stratford Magistrates’ Court after his previous trial held on 21 September. Pic:
Victoria Jones/PA Wire.

TikTok prankster Mizzy was ruled to stop using social media after he was found guilty of breaching a criminal behavioural order and could receive a jail sentence, according to PA Media.

The 19-year-old star, whose real name is Bacari-Bronze O’Garro, of Manor Road, Hackney, appeared at Stratford Magistrate’s Court this morning where he was found breaching a court order banning him from posting videos on social media without people’s consent “within hours” after it was passed on 24 May.

Judge Matthew Bone said O’Garro “is a man who has stepped over the line of the order in a deliberate way” as the court heard he started posting several social media videos without people’s consent on the same day his court order passed.

The father-of-one first denied all four counts of breaching the court order but was later found guilty of two of them.

The court was shown a video filmed in Westfield Shopping Centre, Stratford, that featured O’Garro and some passersby in the background as he said “the UK law is a joke” to camera. The video was posted to O’Garro’s Twitter account on the night of 24 May.

Other videos posted to O’Garro’s Snapchat account showed him grabbing hold of a schoolboy by his uniform and another showing him fighting a man with dwarfism, was also shown to the court.

O’Garro claimed that videos were uploaded to his Twitter account without his consent by one of his friends who had access to his login details, and the Snapchat videos were hoax videos which were filmed under people’s prior agreement.

His claim was not accepted by Judge Bone, who said: “I have to say I did not accept the evidence of the defendant – it lacked all credibility.”

“I found it to be an intentional, immediate and deliberate challenge to the criminal behaviour order.”

Judge Bone ordered O’Garro to not use any social media “at all” except for sending messages until he is sentenced. O’Garro was also warned that he could face imprisonment.

O’Garro was found not guilty of the other two counts as Judge Bone ruled the videos in question may already have been shared before the court order was passed.

Judge Bone warned O’Garro: “The defendant shouldn’t take much comfort from that.

“What I have convicted him of crosses the custody threshold.

“You need to understand the seriousness of your situation now.

“You need to understand that you deliberately flouted this court order within hours of it being made.”

The session began with O’Garro’s defence lawyer Paul Lennon requesting an adjournment. Lennon said his client would not have a “fair trial” as the main witness was effectively barred from attending court. The two men had been arrested on suspicion of perverting the course of justice last week but were released on bail on the condition the pair ceased contact.

Judge Bone rejected the submission as the absence of the witness was known on or before 16 October.

O’Garro will be sentenced on 21 November at Thames Magistrate’s Court.

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