New speed limits impact ELL boroughs

A speed limit sign. Pic: Dominic Lipsinki / PA Wire

Transport for London (TfL) say they will be reducing more speed limits in Lewisham and Croydon this December. 

The change is being implemented as part of TfL’s Vision Zero commitment to “eliminate death and serious injury on the capital’s roads by 2041”. 

TfL said they will finalise their goal of reducing speed limits to 20mph on 65km of road in London by December, including in and around Lewisham and Croydon.

Some changes have already been implemented since October, enforcing the speed limit change on roads in Kensington and Woolwich, and some in Lewisham this November.

TfL said: “It is neither inevitable nor acceptable that anyone should be killed or seriously injured when travelling in London. When we leave our homes each day, we should feel safe and confident about the journey ahead.”

Despite the reasons outlined in the Vision Zero Action Plan, some residents expressed frustration.

One resident, Ella Durling, told East London Lines: “Our council tax has recently been increased and I would like that money to be used to increase safety on the streets."

"I just don’t think that reducing speed limits is the most pressing issue in Croydon. Every week I hear about new incidences of stabbing, and to me that feels like more of a priority.” 

Lilli Matson, TfL’s chief safety, health and environment officer, said: “Speed continues to be a factor in almost half of fatal collisions in London and the devastating consequences for the families, friends and communities impacted by these casualties is immense.” 

The new zones will be marked with 20mph signs at the entrance of all impacted roads. Roads that border red routes will have signs that indicate the speed change.

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