Pets on parade: charity exhibition raises money for borough food bank

“Doggy Style” by Oli Fowler, “Thrilling” by Ravi Zupa, “I Kissed a Dog” by Mister Edwards Pics: Atom Gallery

Hackney’s Atom Gallery is holding an exhibition to raise money for the borough’s food bank, with a minimum of 33 percent of each sale going straight to charity.

The exhibition, titled ‘Bollocks and Pyjamas’, showcases a selection of cats and dog art works from over 40 artists, some of whom donated the pieces for free. Work from established and talented artists such as Magda Archer, David Bray and Sadie Hennessey will feature at the event. 

Poster for “Boll*cks & Pyjamas” Exhibition Pic: Atom Gallery

The food bank has been a saving grace for many Hackney residents since 2012, with the charity being able to provide food to 6,900 people, and facilitate connections to relevant support. In 2021, this included financial management, debt and housing advice, and mental health organisations.

Jenna Fansa, acting communications manager for Hackney Food Bank, told Eastlondonlines: “We are so very grateful to the team at Atom Gallery who are once again supporting Hackney Foodbank. Demand for our food bank increased by 66 percent between January and October this year and food donations are down. The cost-of-living crisis is biting hard and the money raised at this exhibition will help us to continue to support people in crisis.”

Atom Gallery, located in Stoke Newington, has a history of helping raise money for the food bank. 

The gallery’s co-owner Richard Pendry said: “We did a show for Hackney Food Bank about four years ago now, and we wanted to do another one”. 

He went on to say “It’s hard to say how much we are going to make, but hopefully every little counts. It’s an important cause and whatever we can do helps”.

Of the exhibition, he said: “The idea behind it was to make it slightly competitive, so one wall of the gallery will be artwork of cats and the other will be artwork of dogs, so it’s kind of a team dog versus team cat scenario”. 

Each of the artists were tasked with choosing a side and producing a piece of artwork that correlates to their side. The name of the exhibition ‘Bollocks and Pyjamas’ refers to the well-known phrases ‘the dogs bollocks’ and ‘the cats pyjamas’ meaning something is the best.

The Exhibition will run from November 11 to December 2 with art work from the event being available for purchase both in person and online. 

“Good Boy” by The Haus of Lucy Pic: Atom Gallery

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