TikTok influencer Mizzy sentenced to 18 weeks detention

Bacari-Bronze O’Garro, known as Mizzy, outside Stratford Magistrates Court. Pic: Victoria Jones/PA

TikTok prankster Mizzy has been sentenced to 18 weeks detention at a young offenders institution for deliberately breaking a criminal behaviour order.

The 19-year-old from Hackney, whose real name is Bacari-Bronze O’Garro, was found guilty at Stratford Magistrates Court of breaking the order imposed earlier this year.

The order was first put in place on May 24 at Thames Magistrates Court after O’Garro breached a community protection notice, enacted May 11, 2022, on two counts after filming members of the public without their consent.

The order forbid O’Garro from entering Westfield Stratford, as well as from posting video content to the internet without expressed consent from all who appear in the footage.

The same day, O’Garro appeared on national television in an interview with Piers Morgan, where he referred to UK law as “weak.” 

Prosecutor Varinder Hayre said in court that he “showed no remorse” in this interview.

Later that day, Mizzy uploaded a video to his Twitter account, where he can be seen in Westfield Stratford, an area which the order forbade him from entering. Members of the public could be seen in the background; O’Garro addressed one, saying: “Yes my brother”.

He was arrested on May 26, and denied that this was a breach of the initial court order as it was only a video of himself.

He was then interviewed at Bethnal Green police station before being released.

On July 7, he once again breached the order by posting footage on Snapchat in which he had physical scuffles with youths and jumped on top of cars.

These offences were deemed category 2B in court, as they were “immediate and intentional”.

O’Garro’s criminal behaviour order will also be strengthened; he cannot publish or share any video footage to the internet or interact with anyone else to do so. 

He also cannot post to any social media account but his own, trespass on private property, or enter the E20 postcode. It will also be lengthened, with the two years it was initially enforced for restarting today.

Judge Matthew Bone, who oversaw O’Garro’s initial hearing on October 26 as well as todays sentencing, said that this was the only way to prevent reoffending, as it was: “clearly motivated by a desire to be famous” and a want for: “sponsorship, finance and designer clothing”.

Bone referred to his “so-called pranks” as: “not funny”, causing members of the public “severe harassment and distress”.

Defence Lawyer Paul Lennon stressed O’Garro’s young age and duties as a college student and father of a one-year-old as reasons to suspend the sentence, saying that he: “will have the opportunity for higher education” upon completion of a creative media production course.

Lennon said: “He is attempting to better himself and is making proactive attempts to do so”. 

Bone addressed O’Garrio following the sentencing, saying: “I express the hope that you can continue at college”.

Detective chief inspector Yasmin Lalani of Central East command told EastLondonLines: “I think the right result has come through for the community public and their fear from the distress and harassment he was causing.

“It has an age range from the very young to the elderly – members of our community who deserve to be safe in their area. A lot of people were upset that nothing was happening due to his lack of respect for this country’s law. I hope that he gets some help which will prevent reoffending”.

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