Controversial sustainable streets plan to go ahead in New Cross and Evelyn wards

Pic: Jack Friend

The controversial sustainable streets plan is set to be implemented across Evelyn and New Cross Gate wards after revised recommendations were approved at a mayor and cabinet meeting.  

Traffic orders will now be published and subject to a period of statutory consultation, the implementation period is expected to begin from March 2024.  

At the cabinet meeting, Councillor Louise Krupski, the cabinet member for climate and the environment, said: “Officers and I are acutely aware of the controversially and strong feeling felt around these measures both from those who feel we should not be putting in any cpz’s [controlled parking zones] and those who feel we are not doing enough.”  

Large scales of parking within these areas will now be permitted in an effort to lower carbon emissions and to reduce the number of car journeys within the wards. 

Krupski confirmed that most residents who were consulted wanted the new measures to improve their streets, “as everybody walks at least some of the time.” 

Krupski continued: “We have balanced the feedback from the consultation, which was never intended as a referendum on parking cpz’s with the need to take forward the extremely urgent and important work to carry through the aims of this policy. Which were to encourage active travel methods, reduce traffic and congestion, improve road safety, reduce air pollution and lower carbon emissions”  

Residents within these two wards recently made their views known about parking permits at a New Cross Gate Assembly meeting where they said they had not been consulted about the plans.  

Along with new parking permits there will also be cycle hangers, EV charging points, Car Club bays, disabled parking bays and loading bays. 

Carsharing car parked in Lewisham. Pic: Jack Friend

An X user posted to Louise Krupski: “don’t dress up your cycle policy as an effective policy for the climate crisis. You’ve taken away pavement space from pedestrians, deprioritised bus flow and have made zero effort to improve public transport. A disaster for the many like myself without cars.” 

The council received 443 responses from residents and businesses. As a result of the consultation, the council has decided to add double yellow lines at junctions on all roads within the consultation zone including roads in the area of North Deptford. Many residents reportedly thought the measures would help improve their street.  

The consultation period has now finished and the controversial plan will now be rolled out in the wards of Evelyn and New Cross Gate from March 2024 onwards.  

Krupski confirmed that all car owners within Lewisham will be given an eighteen month provision for parking in a controlled parking zone. However, after that period car owners will no longer be able to park in those zones.  

Residents and businesses will also be able to claim a 15% discount on parking fees for the first year of the scheme. 

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