School pays tribute to pupil who killed himself after being blackmailed over nude photos

Dinal De Alwas described as “kind hearted and bright”. Pic:

A Croydon school has paid tribute to an “immensely talented young man” who killed himself after being blackmailed for nude photos. 

The 16-year-old, Dinal De Alwis, from south London received threatening messages from an anonymous blackmailer to leak nude pictures of himself to his online followers. 

Dinal had just started sixth form at Whitgift School in Croydon, receiving all A*s in his GCSE, representing the school in rugby and football, when he took his life in October 2022.  

The school paid tribute to Dinal on Monday. 

Headmaster Chris Ramsey said: “Dinal was a kind-hearted, bright and immensely talented young man both in the classroom and in all of his co-curricular activities – he always approached everything with determination and good humour.   

“His loss has been challenging for the entire school community, particularly amongst his closest friends and tutors, leaving a void that is still felt very deeply. We continue to pay tribute to him, knowing that life’s fragility demands our compassion and vigilance.” 

‘Biggest possible loss’  

In the hours before his death, Dinal was sent two nude photos of himself at 1am by the blackmailer, who reportedly wrote: “So you think blocking me can stop me? What do you want me to do – you want me to send to all of your followers? Why can’t you just pay me? £100?” 

Dinal replied with a message saying he presumed the pictures had already been leaked, according to MailOnline.  

He left his home for the last time at 2am and his body was found an hour later, by a building from which he had fallen.  

An inquest has concluded Dinal’s death was suicide. 

South London coroner’s court heard that Dinal’s family received goodbye messages. His father Kaushallya De Alwis, who attended the inquest, said: “Dinal messaged my wife and I to say he loved us, and he told his two brothers that he loves them, and said they need to ‘look after mum and dad. 

“His loss is the biggest possible loss. It is so incredibly painful. The fact that he ended his life in this way.” 

Unknown blackmailer

The identity of Dinal’s blackmailer is still unknown, but police reportedly believe they may have been operating from Nigeria. 

His father told MailOnline he was also aware that some blackmailers pose online as young, attractive girls, exchanging nude photographs before using them for extortion. 

He said: “The grieving is never ending. Young people underestimate the dangers around them. There must be ways of tracking these things and parents should have access. I don’t want this to happen to anyone else.” 

Dinal’s friends set up a JustGiving donation page to raise money in his memory for mental health charity Young Minds Trust. 

“Lovely Dinal we think of you and miss you everyday, our love and prayers go to you and your family,”. Another supporter wrote. “We hope our donation can help others.” 

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