More than 2000 new electric vehicle chargers to be installed in Tower Hamlets

Electric vehicle charging Pic: CHUTTERSNAP

More than 2,000 new electric vehicle chargers will be installed across Tower Hamlets over the next two years, after the cabinet approved the installation last week.

The installation of 2,245 new chargers, including 35 rapid chargers will start this year and go on until 2026. They will be paid for through a combination of supplier and government grant funding.

The decision was taken to ensure the borough has a proper infrastructure to fulfil Strategic Plan Priority 7: A clean and green future. It is also to support cleaner, greener travelling and the plan is for Tower Hamlets to be a carbon-neutral council by 2025.

Statistics claim that 93% of homes in the borough do not have access to off-street parking and are more likely to rely on public chargers for their electric vehicles.

The infrastructure costs for this development are estimated to be £6m for the 2000 slow chargers and £1.2m for the 35 rapid chargers. These costs will be paid by the suppliers, so there will be no capital or revenue implication for the Council’s budget. 

The demand for electric chargers in the borough has skyrocketed, as ownership of electric motor vehicles in Tower Hamlets has increased by 121 per cent in the past five years, compared to the previous five years.

In the borough, there are currently 327 street lighting column charging points and 23 fast charging electric vehicle points.

Lutfur Rahman, Executive Mayor of Tower Hamlets, said: “We know that residents and businesses are increasingly shifting to electric vehicles, and as a council we are keen to support this transition. The ambitious installation of new electric vehicle chargers will help bring our street infrastructure into the future and will be designed to meet an ever-growing demand.

“As part of responding to the climate emergency, we are working to lower emissions across the borough while continuing to develop a transport network that is fit for purpose. A cleaner, greener borough means encouraging more use of sustainable transport methods, including electric vehicles.”

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