Parking in Croydon goes cashless

Parking meter. Pic: Wikimedia Commons

Croydon residents are to lose the option to pay for parking with cash at pay and display machines from March 7.

Croydon Council said the machines would be turned off in batches and parking payments will fully be cashless by 31 March. 

All pay and display machines are anticipated to be shut down by the end of June 2024 when the use of ‘RingGo’, ‘Paypoint’ and phone parking will replace them entirely. 

This is a result of the meters running on 3G network which is due to shut down during the course of the year. Card payments will still be accepted by some machines until the network is shutdown. 

Four parking trials were held in preparation for the transition in order for the council to understand the potential issues and address concerns. 

Paypoint option

The council has developed an option where people can visit any shops that offer Paypoint to book a free parking session or a paid session with cash or card. Residents and visitors will still be able to benefit from the council’s free parking offer in district centres. 

Croydon Mayor Jason Perry said in a press release: “We launched these trials when we learned the network providers would be shutting off the 3G network, because it was so important to hear feedback and learn of the potential issues that could arise.  

“We know that these types of changes can be challenging, so we have listened and made adjustments that will make the process easier. 

“We had a lot of response to our trials and have taken steps to address a vast majority of concerns, with options for ‘Paypoint’ and the ability to phone ‘RingGo’ to book a session added to our payment options.” 

From March 7, residents can give their feedback on the changes through a survey on the Council website or by emailing 

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