Check your digital privilege

How do your digital skills and access to technology measure up to the rest of the UK? Take the quiz to find out.

Data source: Lloyds Consumer Digital Index, 2020

1. How do you access the internet?
2. Does the area where you live have broadband access?
3. Do you, or someone in your household, pay for a home broadband connection?
4. Do you have an email account?
5. Do you have an account on any social media platform?
For example: Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter
6. Have you ever downloaded and opened an app on your mobile phone?
7. Can you attach documents to an email and send them to someone else?
8. Do you use an online banking app?
9. Can you change your privacy settings on social media platforms?
10. Can you use the internet to search for information, like health, financial or news content?
11. Do you personally pay for any streaming services?
For example: Netflix, Spotify, Apple Music
12. Have you ever used the internet for work or study?
13. Have you ever used digital collaboration tools for work or study?
For example: Zoom, Dropbox or Google Docs
14. Can you use a spreadsheet to manipulate and analyse data?
15. Do you know how to identify a secure HTTPS website when browsing the internet?
16. Do you use online financial services other than banking apps, like stock trading apps?
17. Can you write computer code (in any programming language)?

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