[Video] Tory candidate Naomi Newstead

pic: Tom Chlebik

EastLondonLines spoke to Naomi Newstead, the Conservative candidate for North East, about her campaign.





Her pledges

• Address the rise in chain stores, and do more to support smaller, independent local businesses

• Improve transport links between the Olympic site and other areas such as Walthamstow and Chingford

• Improve safety for cyclists

• Keep families living in London; provide more family houses

• Continue to campaign for more financial support for businesses hit by the riots

• Support the City and the financial services sector, which are vital to London’s economy

In the first video we asked Newstead what should be done to encourage the growth of smaller local businesses.

She also discussed other key issues, including transport, her work campaigning for shops hit by the riots on Clarence Road in Hackney, and why voters in the North East constituency should vote Conservative.

Newstead was born in London and has lived and worked in the city all her life. Her career has included managed a housing regeneration project in Newham.

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