Bookies back Labour for election success

Ladbroke has odds for the 2010 election favourites Photo: Allan Stanton

Ladbrokes has odds for the 2010 election favourites Photo: Allan Stanton

Labour is on course for victory in the upcoming Lewisham constituency elections, according to bookmakers’ predictions.

In Deptford, Labour is the favourite by far with odds of 1/66, whilst the Liberal Democrats are as likely to be elected as Lady Sovereign is to win Celebrity Big Brother with odds of 33/1. The Conservatives are falling behind with odds of 100/1, which is the same chance Eddie Izzard has of becoming Mayor of London in 2012.

East Lewisham also shows Labour as the favourite with odds of 1/25 which will generate a return of £1.04 every pound you bet. The conservatives may return  £9 for every £1 pound bet and the Liberal Democrats £41 with odds of 8/1 and 40/1 respectively.

The Lib Dems are the least favourite to win in Lewisham West and Penge, and are as likely to win the election as a British director is to win an Oscar for Best Director this year with odds of 16/1. The Tories are in second place with odds of 5/1 whilst Labour is in the lead with 1/7.

Nick Weinger, a spokesman for Ladbrokes, told East London Lines that even though the odds are mainly based on what punters think, they start off by analysing the local situation.

He said: “1/66 are about the most favourable odds  you are going to get. The odds reflect what we think is going to happen beyond even allowing for a minor miracle.”

Some may risk betting against the odds lured by the possible return knowing that the final outcome of the general election is yet to be determined.


Labour 1/66

Green 12/1

Lib Dem 33/1

Conservatives 100/1

Lewisham East

Labour 1/25

Conservatives 8/1

Lib Dem 40/1

Greens 100/1

Lewisham West and Penge

Labour 1/7

Conservatives 5/1

Lib Dem 16/1

Greens 100/1

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