“I could see his feet and blood everywhere” – body found in Croydon during morning rush hour

Commuters in Croydon were left in shock yesterday morning after the body of a man who fell from the top floor of a hotel was left in full view for over two hours. Eye witnesses at the scene said that the body was left uncovered and surrounded by pools of blood.

A man, whose name is still unknown to the public, died instantly after he fell from one of the upper level windows of the Jurys Inn hotel on Lansdowne Road at 8am yesterday morning. Police arrived at the scene of the accident at about 8.10am.

Samantha Sandys was on her way to Marco Polo house, which is opposite the Jurys Inn, when she came across the dead body.

She said: “I was here at about 8am and I saw the body outside the hotel and he was half covered by white sheets. I could see his feet and blood everywhere. There was a big crowd of people surrounding the body and some people were taking photos. The police didn’t move his body until about 11.30am and the body was partly uncovered some of the time as well.”

Emergency services were called, but the man was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident. A police enquiry has begun.

Mr James, a supervisor working in the Lansdowne building situated next door to the hotel, said: “I happened to be sitting at the reception desk at about 8am and I saw that something had happened outside the Jurys Inn hotel. When I went out to see what was going on, there was a man laying on the ground, so I ran into the hotel to inform the people working at the reception, but they were already rushing around trying to handle the situation.”

The hotel management team were not prepared to speak to ELL, but said they would be releasing a statement in approximately two days time.

Mr Smitt, a security guard stationed at Marco Polo house, said: “Police began to carry out investigations and blocked off Lansdowne road from the public. The police cordoned off the entire stretch of Lansdowne road while investigations were taking place and emergency services were carrying out their duty.”

Staff from the Jurys Inn hotel continued to wash the area in which the man fell once police officers had left the scene of the accident and Lansdowne road was reopened to the public.

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