Drug dealer behind bars after three year pursuit

Police raiding Mehmet's house in March 2011

A drug dealer from Lewisham has finally been jailed after a three year battle by police.

Erol Mehmet, 35 years of King Alfred Avenue was sentenced to eight months imprisonment on Monday at Woolwich Crown Court after being found guilty of possession with intent to supply cannabis.

Police Sergeant Chris Ellen, Bellingham Safer Neighbourhoods Team commented: “This result could not have been achieved without the dedication of Police Constable Ian White from my team. He has spent nearly two years listening to local community concerns and has worked tirelessly along side our partners in order to achieve this successful outcome.

“This will send out a positive message and reassure our Bellingham community that we take our total policing commitment seriously and will work relentlessly to bring such offenders to justice regardless of how long it takes.”

Back in 2009, local residents complained about the increase in levels of anti social behaviour, robberies and burglaries in the area.

Bellingham Safer Neighbourhoods Team gathered information suggesting Erol Mehmet was behind this. They believed he was selling cannabis resin from his address to youths who were involved in the commission of other offences in order to purchase the drug.

The police obtained a search warrant three years ago and raided Mehmet’s address, finding quantities of cannabis. However they were only able to charge him for possession as they had no proof that he was supplying.

Bellingham Safer Neighbourhoods Team continued to pursue Mehmet throughout 2009 and 2010.

Finally in March last year, Bellingham Safer Neighbourhoods Team in conjunction with the Lewisham’s borough response team were able to prove that Mehmet was not just using cannabis but also providing it to be sold on.

In a second raid last year officers found blocks of resin, scales, bags and skunk. Erol Mehmet was charged with possession with intent to supply Class B drugs in March 2011.

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