Stolen bikes seized from address in Lewisham

Pic: Steven Vance

Ten bikes, believed to have been stolen, have been seized by the Metropolitan Police Service at an address in Lewisham.

Officers from the Cycle Task Force were looking for a red ‘Specialized Allez’ bike, which was reported stolen on January 11.

Four of the bikes, which had a combined value of £2,900, have been confirmed as stolen and will be returned to their owners. One of the recovered bikes was the red ‘Specialized’ bike.

Two men, both 22, were arrested on suspicion of handling stolen goods.

Cycle Task Force Inspector Peter Salter said: “Following our investigations into the online sales of stolen bikes, four bikes will be returned to their rightful owners.

“We are committed to tackling cycle theft across London and will continue to help cyclists, through both education and enforcement, by catching bike thieves, security marking bicycles and reuniting people with heir stolen bikes.”

He added that if you are a victim of bike theft and believe it is being sold, you should contact the police and not arrange to meet the seller.

In order to stand the best chance of being reunited with a bike after it is stolen, the Met suggests following its Three R’s.

They are Record, Register and Report: This involves recording the make of the bike and any other identifying marks, registering it on one of many websites for cyclists, and reporting the theft if it is stolen.

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