No-show Kanye disappoints Hackney fans

Fans had gathered outside Shoreditch High St where Kanye West was rumoured to appear pic: Kim Erlandsen/NRK P3

Kanye West disappointed his London fans on Thursday night when he failed to appear at his own pop-up premiere video screening in Shoreditch High Street.

After numerous Twitter rumours circulating that the American music star had been spotted wandering the streets of Dalston and Brick Lane, his east London fans gathered en masse at a planned video projection in the overground station. The event, leaked by the rapper’s PR team earlier this year, was to promote his new collaboration album “Watch the Throne”, which also features Jay-Z.

Despite the snow, around 80 fans watched the video called Ni**as in Paris on a continuous loop while waiting for an appearance by Kanye.

The projection company told EastLondonLines: “He was supposed to come but he is working in a studio in Shoreditch so he won’t be able to make it”.

The scene outside Shoreditch High Station pic: Irene Baque de Puig

Disappointed fans left the area after the projection stopped at 6 pm. “He didn’t surprise me, he is quite a diva now”, said a fan, Darsy Mitchell, 21.

Ryan Cunliffe, 25, said: “We wanted to see the video but we came mainly because we thought he was going to come. We are quite disappointed”.

During Thursday afternoon Twitter was alive with the sound of Kanye West. Fans tweeted where he was last seen using several hash tags such as  #KanyeEast, #KanyeWatch  and #FindingKanyeEast.

EastLondonLines collected the best of yesterday’s Kanye tweets:

@GoodNewsHackney “Kanye has left Shoreditch and is now in the 98p shop on Kingsland Road, trying to return a broken lightbulb”

@SeanLynch “Just seen Kanye is the Tesco Metro on Queensway, he was perusing the reduced section. #kanyewatch

@LukeBozier “I love Kanye West, but really, who cares if he’s in Shoreditch right at this moment? We’re so Little Britain sometimes. #kanyewatch

@NinnaHolm “Kanye is at Shoreditch house watching his own video being projected onto shoreditch high st station #kanyeeast #kanyewatch

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