Six months on, Croydon rioters top the arrest list

Croydon suffered severe damage in last year's riots. pic: EastLondonLines

Most arrests made in the riots in London last August were made in Croydon, Met Police figures have revealed.

In total, 416 arrests have been made in Croydon both during and since the disorder, 273 of which resulted in charges or summons.

Across London, 3,864 people were arrested for rioting related crimes, 2,385 of which have resulted in charges.

Detective Superintendent Simon Messinger, who leads the investigation into Croydon rioting, said: “There was obviously a significant amount of disorder in Croydon, but these figures show that we are determined to bring all of those involved to justice.

“Even six months on, we are still identifying and arresting new suspects on an almost daily basis.”

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