Watch the beacons from Telegraph Hill

Rainy view from Telegraph Hill Pic: R Sones

Royal-themed festivities will fill the streets of the borough, Jubilee Street parties and  Big Lunches will be taking place so neighbours can get together. Bring umbrellas.

Deptford Waterfront is good quiet spot to watch the River Thames Jubilee Pageant late on Sunday  afternoon.  While Telegraph Hill and Blackheath are great places to watch the Jubilee Beacon lighting ceremony on Monday evening at 10pm.

Smaller events such as tree planting, crown-making and pub quizzes invite locals to engage in the Jubilee spirit while avoiding the crowds.

If none of these tickle your fancy perhaps  the pop-up  F**k the Jubilee Street Party being held in New Cross is a more suitable way for you to party!  See below for more information.


Friday 1 June

Jubilee Poplar Ceremony

To commemorate the Jubilee a plaque, to mark the planting of a rare Black Poplar tree, will be unveiled by the Mayor of Lewisham in Sydenham Wells Park.

Black Poplar trees used to commonly seen across English parks and gardens, however have since become an endangered species. Because of this, the Queen has decided to present each of London’s 32 boroughs with a popular tree that is to be planted in celebration of her Jubilee.

Sydenham Wells Park was chosen for this monumental tree to be planted because Black Poplar trees need a lot of water and the park is already home to many water-loving plants.

The ceremony is a free event that is suitable for the whole family, it will take place at 12pm.

Sydenham Wells Park,

Longton Avenue,


For more information


A Right Royal Jubilee Knees Up

A Jubilee themed production at The Broadway Theatre in Catford  encourages the audience to get involved and sing along to some classics.

The plot spans from the 1940s to the present day and involves memories from four royal weddings and a coronation.  Suitable for the whole family (specially grannies).

The performance is at 2pm on Friday.

Tickets cost £3.

The Broadway Theatre,

Catford Road,

SE6 4RU.

For more information and to book tickets


Saturday 2 June

New Cross Jubilee Street Party

An enormous knitted flag will decorate St James Road in New Cross for a family-friendly street party on Saturday afternoon.

New Cross Learning, St James School, the Hobgoblin Pub and St James Church have all got together to organise this Jubilee day out.

Mapcap Coalition have put together an afternoon of entertainment from local bands and schoolchildren which will involve street dance, acapella and live music. Interesting organised games will fill the day ranging from tug of war to a human fruit machine. And local writer and journalist, Swordwater, will be doing at reading at 5pm.

The Local History Society have collected original items from Queen Elizabeth II’s Coronation which will be displayed in New Cross Learning.

Guests are encouraged to bring food to share at the party.



St James Road,

New Cross.

For more information



Sunday 3 June

New Cross F**k The Jubilee Street Party

For those who are less inclined to support the royal Jubilee festivities, but equally interested in enjoying the long bank holiday, the New Cross residents are holding an anti-royals street party.

The details are being kept under-wraps until closer to the date but the progression of any further information can be followed on the facebook event page.

Goldsmith College students have arranged this party but all local residents are welcome.

It will take place fro 2pm at a yet undisclosed location.

See their Facebook page


Thames River Pageant

For the more orthodox celebrations, a flotilla of 1,000 boats will sail in a procession down the River Thames on Sunday, to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.  From Deptford waterfront spectators will be able to see these boats disperse around the area.

This will be a great chance to remember Deptford’s royal connections that date back to the Tudor period when the borough was home to the first Royal Navy Dockyard. Queen Elizabeth I also knighted Sir Frances Drake on the Golden Hind in Deptford.

This is a free event that is suitable for families.

It will take place from 12pm-5pm.

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The Big Jubilee Lunch

This years Big Lunch is combined with the Jubilee Bank holiday weekend. This is an event that encourages neighbours to get together – whether it be a small gathering in a garden or a large party in the whole street. The council has allowed a number of road closures for the events.

These are private parties so speak to your neighbours and find out where your local street party is being held and which roads are closed for the day.

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Monday 4 June

The Queens Diamond Jubilee Beacons

In celebration for the Queens Diamond a network of 4,000 will lit across the globe. The Queen will light the last beacon herself at The Mall in central London, other beacons will be lit in varied locations around the city, including Telegraph Hill and Blackheath

The lighting of beacons is a British tradition used to commemorate monumental royal occasions such as coronations, weddings and jubilees.

The last time the beacon ceremony of this magnitude took place was in 1897 for Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee– she was the only other British monarch to make it to this anniversary. The beacons were also lit in 1997 and 2002 for Queen Elizabeth II’s Silver and Gold Jubilees.

It is free to watch this spectacular Jubilee Beacon celebration. It is set to take place between 10-10.30pm.

Telegraph Hill, Pepys Road, London SE14 5TJ.

Blackheath, Tranquil Vale, SE3.

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Canvas and Cream

For a creative Jubilee Celebration visit Canvas and Cream Gallery in Forest Hill to make your own crown in tribute to the Queen.

On Monday and Tuesday the gallery will be providing cream teas to celebrate in a traditionally English fashion.

Canvas and Cream Gallery,

London Road,

Forest Hill.

For more information visit:


Tuesday 5 June

Jubilee Quiz at Ladywell Tavern

The weekly pub quiz will involve some Jubilee themed questions about the royal family to honour the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

This is a great way to unwind from the busy bank holiday weekend packed full of Jubilee celebrations.

For more information


By Louisa Plumstead

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