Loving Lovebox and nearly losing our lunch

The Walzer thanks to discomatt.com

Who doesn’t love starting their day with a quick spin on the Waltzer? The fun fair ride was our first port of call at Sunday’s Lovebox, in fact, we loved it so much we went back for seconds! The Rapture provided the perfect playlist as we spun round, and round…and round.

Whoo! Alright – Yeah…uh huh and Echoes will now forever be associated with that queasy feeling you get as you try with all your might to hold down your lunch.

Niamh Griffin, 25, Finsbury Park said: 'It's so handy having a festival that's practically on your doorstep- would loved to have camped though!'

With the sun out over Victoria Park we had high expectations for the final day of the hipster love-in but sadly not all of those were met. While Chaka Khan wowed in a denim jumpsuit and had the crowds singing along to Ain’t Nobody – props to the red-headed teen in the second row who was really going for it by the way – over at the Outdoor stage Lana Del Rey failed to impress. Though the pouty-lipped songstress looked as gorgeous as ever, her lacklustre vocals meant we left before the last song.

We saw:

A lot of flesh. We’re not just talking about the performers, in fact they were more modest than the crowd! Bondage apparel sales must have gone up as leather, chains and tassels were out in full force. One man even donned a pair of chap – sans undies – bare bums everywhere!

We ate:

The yummiest halloumi and chorizo wrap with a side of cheesy chips and followed by frozen yoghurt. No diets for us!

We drank:

No longer able to drink like we could in our youth (we’re only 26, mind) we tried with all our might to stick to the vodka and cokes but by 4pm the chill in the air had forced us on to cups of tea. You can look cool jiving to Grace Jones with an Earl Grey, promise.


Well, besides the legends that are Grace Jones and Chaka Khan, would it be wrong to say our favourite celebrity spot was Cheska from Made in Chelsea?


The acoustics at the Outdoor stage were terrible – being too close to other tents meant the sound carried and intermingled.


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Thanks to Kira Agass.

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