Torchbearer profile: Kristin Hallenga of Tower Hamlets

Tower Hamlets torchbearer Kristin Hallenga

Three years ago, Kristin Hallenga was a regular 23 year old; embracing her youth, travelling and seeing the world. Then she was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. What she did next is the reason she’ll be carrying the Olympic torch through Tower Hamlets this Saturday.

Almost immediately after her diagnosis Kristin realised that, not only are breast and prostate cancer not exclusive to the older generation, but there wasn’t much in the way of warning to youngsters that this is the case.

Hallenga founded the charity `CoppaFeel` with the aim of getting young women, and me, to check themselves for signs of breast cancer regularly. Targeting a younger audience and spreading the message through festivals, bike rides and school visits, Hallenga and her charity succeed in plugging a gap that’s been missing for too long.

As a result of her tireless work Hallenga was nominated to represent London and carry the Olympic torch, an occasion she’s looking forward to: “I feel awesome about carrying the torch and playing a small part in the Olympics. I love the buzz of the games and I am proud to be picked because of what I do.”

Hallenga believes she’ll be carrying the torch not only by herself but on behalf of all young breast cancer sufferers: “ I will be carrying it in honour of all the other young women who will be told they have breast cancer, and all the young ladies rocking the disease at the moment.”

She is most looking forward to seeing her strong support network lining the route: “I am excited about the day and seeing all my friends and family cheering me on – if it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t have had the strength to get through some of the toughest days of my life.”

The torch bearer nomination is recognition of Hallenga’s commitment to helping others and her ability to show true British determination against all odds.

For more information about Kristin’s charity, visit:

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