George Galloway gets his groove on with Respect Party candidate in campaign ad for Croydon North by-election

George Galloway. Pic: KNLphotos2010/Flickr

In an attempt to boost support for the Croydon North by-elections on November 29, Respect Party candidate Lee Jasper and leader George Galloway have injected some soul into their campaign with a promotional broadcast.

The advert, released on Soundcloud yesterday, features Galloway expressing his support for Croydon North candidate Jasper.

In it Galloway says: “I believe in peace, equality and justice. I believe in Lee Jasper as the Member of Parliament for Croydon North.”

To a soundtrack of smooth jazz, Lee Jasper calls out to all those who are disappointed with the scandals of 2012: “If you’re tired of the MP scandals and the phone-hacking scandals. Vote for me, Lee Jasper.”

Galloway continues: “Talk about ‘stop and search’ – it’s the MPs they should be stopping and searching.”

Seb Wheeler from Mixmag  analysed the track for Eastlondonlines. The Dubstep and Bass editor said: “This tune sounds like the cheap soundtrack to a seventies B-movie chronicling the life of a flailing politician hellbent on turning some rundown town around. Which could also be an apt analogy for Galloway’s career.

“Barry White he ain’t, because the brittle instrumentation and bargain bin melodies used in this ditty stink. Is this a funky attempt to seduce the South London electorate? Lee Jasper’s hollow rhetoric wouldn’t get me into bed and neither would this music.”

The advert is the latest in a string of multi-media promotions from the Respect Party, designed to ‘seduce the electorate’.  Earlier this week they produced a Youtube video.

On November 29, Jasper will go up against nine other candidates in the Croydon North by-elections.

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