Countdown to Christmas: where to buy the best trees

Pic: Sophie Robinson-Tillett

Nothing says Christmas more than the smell of pine needles, so much so that Christmas trees have avoided the clutches of the recession, according to experts.

Kelty Kaston, owner of The Christmas Forest, which has 7 branches throughout the capital including one in Stoke Newington, says that sales of trees are just as high this year as they’ve ever been.

“Christmas trees haven’t been hit by the recession – people don’t want to go without them. It’s not only about getting into the festive spirit, it’s about bringing a bit of nature into your home,” he said.

The changes instead lie in the time at which people buy their trees: “every year the public seem to buy their trees that little bit earlier,” said Kaston.

“Every year there is a shortage of large trees – there is never quite enough.”

So to make sure you get yours in time, check out ELL’s map of places to buy a tree:

View Where to buy Christmas trees in East London in a larger map

Emma Craig, Thea Foslie, Sophie Robinson-Tillett

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