Street artist Phlegm unveils new mural in Hackney

Phlegm at work. Pic: Matthew Kraus/Flickr

A fresh creation by the street artist known as Phlegm can now be found on the front wall of The Village Underground venue in Holywell Lane, Shoreditch.

Phlegm, who is from Sheffield, took a week-long trip London to work on the project with the support of Street Art London.

“I thought I’d have a little week in London to start the year off. I’ve been sat drawing for the comic so much I needed to get some fresh air,” he said.

The project took three days with the artist working until dusk and was finished on January 13.

Many people travelled from around London to watch the artist working on the spot and see the giant project unfolding step by step.

Phlegm’s  distinctive black and white figures can be found in a number of places on the streets of the capital, particularly across east London.

An older work by can be found on the Foundry building in Old Street, right next to a piece by ROA, another famous street artist who gained attention in 2010 when Hackney Council attempted to ‘clean’ one of his murals on Hackney Road.

Since then, the council has been criticised and asked to reassess its graffiti removal policy, especially after an incident in 2009 when the council’s graffiti removal team accidentally half-painted over an artwork by world famous artist Banksy on Church Street in Stoke Newington.

The council’s policy is: “graffiti has a major impact on people’s perceptions of crime levels in a community. It is illegal, antisocial and diminishes the local environment.’’

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