Who to trust when buying your meat?


Ikea meatballs. Pic: Gavin R.

Ikea have today removed meatballs from menus in all 18 UK stores, including their Croydon location, following one batch testing positive for horse DNA.

Ander Lennartsson, food services representative for the Ikea group said: “We take the worry of our customers very seriously. The trust of our customers are of utmost importance which is why we are now taking this extra-precautionary measure.”

With this latest development in the ongoing ‘horse meat scandal’ giving one more reason for consumers to be concerned of what is in the meat they purchase, ELL reporters Anna Prokova and Sophie Nichol went out to ask Lewisham workers and residents who they trust to supply their meat.

“Daisy Saul (left), 21, a graphic designer from Deptford said: “This whole story makes me really hesitant when it comes to buying meat. I trust the butcher more but I don’ t have money for it. I used to go to Ikea Croydon, and I bought meatballs every single time. I am shocked.”

It is not important to know what’s in your meat and where it comes from, said Tom Burgess (not pictured), 25, a courrier from Thornton Heath in Croydon: ” As long as it tastes good and it doesn’t kill me I’m fine with it. ‘’

Michael Sham. Pic: Eastlondonlines






Michael Sham (above), 22,

from Lewisham said: ‘’I can’t believe this happened in England, and especially Ikea, which is supposed to be an ethical and family friendly store. I though these things only happen in the Third World. ‘’


Camilo Fernandez. Pic: Eastlondonlines

Camilo Fernandez (left), photographer, 22, from New Cross. ‘’I’m not really fussed. Horse meat is just another meat to me. I mean, people in Sweden eat moose meat, and it’s supposed to be really good and expensive.’’





D.D. (not pictured), 38, from Brockley said he places more trust in a local butcher, but does not often purchase meat from them because there are very few in his neighbourhood.


Alex Palaiologos. Pic: Eastlondonlines


Alex Palaiologos (right), 21, a film student from Whitechapel, only said he will miss those “tasty” meatballs.





By Anna Prokova and Sophie Nichol

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