Hackney employment crisis: twenty applicants for every job make borough second worst place in UK to find work

Jobcentre Plus: J J Ellison

Jobcentre Plus: J J Ellison

Hackney is the second hardest place to get a job in the UK, reports today have shown.

The national average of applications per available job is four, but in Hackney, the number is five times higher, with 20 people applying for each vacancy.

Research by Unison showed that London was one of the country’s worst affected regions, with 10 jobseekers applying for every position in a third of the city’s 32 boroughs.

Dave Prentis, UNISON General Secretary, warned that more government cuts could be even more damaging to the UK jobs market. He said: “Use the budget to outline a bold strategy for jobs and growth.

“Make people feel secure in their jobs and they are more likely to spend. Give public sector workers a decent pay rise and more money will flow through tills in local shops and businesses, helping our beleaguered high streets. “

A Department for Work and Pensions spokesperson countered Prentis’ argument that “cuts have a stranglehold on the private sector”, and said: “This research doesn’t mention that despite tough economic times, a record number of people are in work, the private sector has created one million jobs since 2010 and unemployment is falling.”


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