Plans revealed to restore Hackney peace mural



A meeting in Hackney last night announced plans to restore the mural Photo: Athena Stylli

Dalston Peace Mural restoration plans were revealed last night at the Dalston CLR James Library, after the mural had been vandalised and kept in poor condition for several years.

It was designed by community artist Ray Walker, who also worked on the ‘Battle of Cable Street’ mural in Tower Hamlets.

Walker died the year after designing the mural, after which it was painted on the side of a building on Dalston Lane by his widow Anna Walker and colleague Mick Jones. The wall can be found right outside the Dalston Junction station on the Overground.

The repair will be undertaken by Paul Butler, who was appointed by Hirst Conservation, a team of independent art workers. The Conservation has prepared a report on the renovation. Butler had previously worked with Walker on another piece and is familiar with the paint process and techniques for the renovation. He has also been involved in the restoration of the ‘Battle of Cable Street’ mural.

Karen Alcock, Hackney Council Cabinet Member for Property and Housing Policy said: “We’re very pleased to be able to involve Paul, who was a contemporary and friend of Ray Walker, and Hirst Conservation who have valuable experience of preserving and restoring frescos, murals and artworks all over the UK.”

The landmark, also known as the Hackney Peace Carnival Mural, represents a celebration of peace. Walker was asked to design it to celebrate ‘Peace Year’ in 1983.

Alcock said : “Dalston Peace Mural is an important local landmark, which has stood up to the test of time pretty well. These works will help to extend its life and to restore patches of damage so that it can be enjoyed for years to come.”

Despite the recent vandalism of the mural, it has been featured on Rudimental’s chart-topping album ‘Home’, released in April of last year.

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