Campaigners take Sainsbury’s battle to high court

Sainsbury's Wilmer Place Judicial Review Pic: Stokey Local

Sainsbury’s Wilmer Place Judicial Review Pic: Stokey Local

Campaigners opposed to a new Sainsbury’s in Stoke Newington will receive news in the coming weeks on whether they will hear both submitted judicial reviews at a court hearing in May.

Anti-development group Stokey Local group are against a new Sainsbury’s supermarket planned for Wilmers Place, Stoke Newington, and won the right to take their case to a Judicial Review in December.

A court date is set for the 19th May for the first appeal, however the group have now asked for a second to be added to the hearing.

Stokey Local opposed the development on the grounds that it will harm local businesses, increase traffic levels and destroy the ecology of the nearby Abney Park.

Speaking with long time campaigner Nick Perry on the second judicial appeal, he told eastlondonlines that: “We would expect, but can’t be certain, we would hear both judicial reviews on that day.”

The campaign has been going on now for a total of three years and having now reached a stage where it is at court proceedings Perry feels it’s a necessity rather than a personal wish.

Speaking of the journey he has taken, Perry stated that it was “certainly not one I want to enter, if I can avoid it” he went on to confess the strain of the process he has gone through “It’s been a difficult six months dealing with judicial reviews.”

Stokey Local’s campaign has gained a lot of support from the local community with several offering their services free of charge, such as the group’s barrister.

Speaking on their chances Perry stated: “If we didn’t think there was a chance we wouldn’t be doing it. If we didn’t think there was enough support we wouldn’t be doing it.”

If the judge decides to quash the decision then the developers may be forced to re-consider their planning, with much of the local community keen to not have such a high rising structure.

If the judge doesn’t quash the decision the Stokey Local group’s chances of getting what they want will be slim.

By Thomas Bristow

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