Jan 26 – Feb 2: live music, theatre and art exhibitions


Mascara Bar. Pic: Dugout Soul Bar

Mascara Bar. Pic: Dugout Soul Bar

As January comes to a close there are many events to take advantage of across the boroughs. This week’s Pick of the Line brings you a variety of activities ranging from theatrical singing and dancing cinema to art exhibitions focusing on the uprising in Ukraine. It’s time to step away from Netflix and go enjoy all that London has to offer.


Jan 27: Clare Deniz at Croydon Fairfield Halls

Location: The Fairfield Halls & Ashcroft Theatre

A night of classical music is a timeless affair that people of all ages can enjoy. Cellist Clare Deniz and pianist Alan Brown have combined their musical talents, creating a dynamic duo. The two will be perform wonderful sonatas – Beethoven Op 5 No 2 and Rachmaninov Op 19. Be sure to book your tickets in advance for this event.


Jan 23 – Mar 6: Glee Club Croydon

Location: CVA Resource Centre

Are you tired of singing in the shower and behind closed doors? Well, Glee Club Croydon provides young people the opportunity to develop their talents through singing, dance and music. They will provide classes taught by professional singers and dance instructors, where people can learn key musical techniques. The Glee Club also gives everyone the chance to showcase their talents in a variety of musical events.



Jan 29 – Apr 4: Limits of Responsibility

Location: Waterside Contemporary

Waterside Contemporary is proud to host a solo exhibition of Nikita Kadan’s recent work. This is the first time Kadan’s art has been displayed in the UK. He is native to Kiev, Ukraine, and his exhibition documents the clashes between anti-government protesters and stat force through a series of photographs. He also uses watercolor to create seamless paintings of objects not found in the natural world together.


Jan 30 – Jan 31: Dugout Soul 

Location: Mascara Bar

Dugout Soul Club reigns in their fourth year with the finest rare & northern soul, R’n’B, funk and motown music at Mascara Bar. The “vinyl junkies” behind this operation consistently update their records to bring their guests the best music they can find. The event is free as always, so people can come and enjoy the music without worrying about breaking the bank.



Jan 27 – Jan 30: No Exit

Location: The London Theatre – New Cross

Come, sit back and watch Jean-Paul Sartre’s 1944 existentialist play “No Exit.” This play follows three people’s trials and tribulations after death as they are trapped in a room together. Sartre’s quote “Hell is other people” has never been more accurate than in this depiction of afterlife.


Jan 28 & Jan 30: Lee Green Market

Location: Lee Green Community Centre

Take a quick break from the hectic week for a stroll through Lee Green Market. This small, independent market is filled with friendly faces. The market is best known for its retro, vintage and upcycled good and furniture.


Tower Hamlets

Jan 26 – Jan 31: Incloodu Deaf Arts Festival 2015

Location: Rich Mix

It’s a new year and time to explore other cultures and ways of life. Incloodu is organised by deaf and hard-of-hearing people. The festival has a variety of activities from comedy, theatre, visual arts and film. The work is created from emerging artists to professionals, who want to share their culture with the world, for example guests will be welcomed by British Sign Language interpreters.


Jan 24: TEDxEastEnd

Location: Oval Space

Do not miss this one-day TEDx event as it returns to London’s East End. Explore a world of “Society Beyond Borders” through guest speakers, TED Talks videos and performances. The event explores how global mobility of people and ideas benefit society and perpetuate progress.



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