Residents campaign for a sustainable future

Marching against changes in our climate. Pic: South Bend Voice

Marching against changes in our climate. Pic: South Bend Voice

Residents and campaigners from across Hackney are gearing up to represent the community in the People’s Climate March this weekend.

Campaign group, Sustainable Hackney, are looking forward to leading the local convoy in the procession through central London on March 7. The group increases awareness and understanding of environmental issues in Hackney.
The People’s Climate March that took place in September saw a turnout of 40,000 people in London alone out of 162 participating countries worldwide, with organisers of Time To Act 2015, calling it: “The largest climate march in history.”

Tor Kristoffersen, elected steering group member of Sustainable Hackney, said: “It’s important for Hackney residents to get involved because climate change affects everyone.  Hackney is a major borough of London and we really need to engage with the issues of green housing and transport, climate jobs, divestment and air quality.”

Kristoffersen hopes the marches will put pressure on the outcome of the UN climate talks later this year. He said: “With the upcoming election and COP [United Nations talks] in Paris in December it’s really important to hold our politicians to account and see what they have to say about these issues and the best way to do that is to get organised.”

Co-ordinators, Time to Act, expect Saturday to be even bigger than the last march saying: “[We] want to bring a message of urgency which can’t be ignored.”

Kathryn Johnson, Secretary of Sustainable Hackney, told the Hackney Gazette “time is running out” to prevent “extreme changes in temperatures and the environmental systems which we all depend for our survival.”

Sustainable Hackney urges anyone who wants to join them in the demonstration to meet Saturday outside the CLR James Library in Dalston Lane at 11.30am, to join the rest of the march in London and to wear yellow if possible,

For further information on the People’s Climate March click here.

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