Supermarket collects over £1000 for stroke charity

Arulanantham raised over £1000 for charity with just one collection box. Pic: Stroke Association

The shop raised over £1000 for charity with just one collection box. Pic: Stroke Association

With only one collection tin, a supermarket in Hither Green has raised £1000 for a stroke charity.

It took the supermarket just under two years to raise a grand for the Stroke Association, receiving donations from customers and staff.

Biramakumar Arulanantham, 34, manager of Hither Green Supermarket said: “I come from Sri Lanka which is a poor country, so I have to do something for people. If you can help, you have to help.”

The Stroke Association told Eastlondonlines that it’s unusual for £1000 to be raised so quickly with one tin, usually shops that raise money this fast have at least two.

The tin would fill up every two weeks, and the supermarket manager was keen to praise the contribution of his customers.

“It wasn’t only [staff members] donating, the customers are also the reason why we raised this much,” said Arulanantham.

Kate Rogalska, assistant manager at the Stroke Association said: “Hither Green Supermarket have been fantastic in supporting the charity. The money they have raised is vital funds to help us be there for more stroke survivors and their families.”

Statistics compiled by the Stroke Association have shown that there are approximately 152,000 strokes a year in the UK, which amounts to one stroke every three minutes and 27 seconds.

The charity provides stroke survivors with practical and emotional support, as well as guidance on what financial help is available. They also fund research into the prevention and treatment of strokes.

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