Thousands recreate Brockley photograph first taken in 1918

Pic: Muzz Khan

Modern-day residents of Brockley gathered to recreate the 1918 photo   Pic: Muzz Khan

Thousands of people gathered to recreate a 97-year-old photograph taken just months before the end of World War I.

The Brockley Society invited anyone who “lives in or feels a strong connection with Brockley” to attend the event in Hilly Fields Park last Sunday.

The original picture was taken in the park on August 4, 1918, four years after war broke out on July 28, 1914 and three months before it ended on November 11, 1918.

Describing the project to Eastlondonlines back in June, Clare Cowen, chair of the society, said: “We found this photo in the archive. We just thought it was an amazing photo and why not try to recreate it?”

Cowen said she hoped for a turnout of around 1,000 people but on the day that target was exceeded by several thousand.

Otto English tweeted: “So we went out and posed for a group pic. All 6,000 of us. Who says London doesn’t have any community. #BrockleyMassPhoto.”

Carina Spaulding tweeted: “1000s of people here (I’m only halfway up the hill) to recreate the #brockleymassphoto from 1918. Love living in #se4”

The Brockley Society showed its appreciation to all who attended, tweeting: “That was emotional. Thank you all SO MUCH for being part of the #brockleymassphoto”

The modern-day was taken by award-winning photographer Simon Terrill and will be available to buy this August.

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