Bishop Challoner’s School Campaign – #GirlsWithGoals

Head of Bishop Challoner Girls’ School Chantelle Easmon-Johnson at the launch of #GirlsWithGoals. Pic: James Johnston

Head of Bishop Challoner Girls’ School Chantelle Easmon-Johnson at the launch of #GirlsWithGoals. Pic: James Johnston

Young girls should recognise their talents and not hide them from the world, according to the head teacher of an ‘outstanding’ East End Catholic girls’ school which has just launched #GirlsWithGoals

Chantelle Easmon-Johnson is acting head of Bishop Challoner Girl’s School in Commercial Road, with over 600 pupils on the school roll.

She told the girls she wanted to make them aware of how social media and puberty can be very hard on them. She encouraged them to be confident and follow their dreams without being pressured. She said: “It is my firm belief that every girl possesses the unique ability quite simply to change the world.”

According to Easmon-Johnson, South East London and the East End have really low educational aspirations and her focus is on reversing it. As a school, she wants to get rid of those stereotypes.

“Our response as a school is to challenge self-limiting thoughts which quite often affects girls’ aspirations and vision for the future. Some girls simply lack the self-belief to pursue their dreams and give up easily, in the classroom and subsequently other areas of their lives,” she said.

Easmon-Johnson told Eastlondonlines: “Research continues to suggest that girls’ self-esteem takes a dip during teenage years and toxic, self-limiting beliefs continue to plague their minds well into adulthood and the workplace. Some never recover from this crisis of confidence.  Through proper engagement, education and cultural enrichment, girls here at Bishop Challoner will buck that trend, find their voice and be all that God has called them to be.”

Feelings of low self-worth and self-limitation could be debilitating, she said, so it was important to address these misconceptions at school, through the curriculum and in extra-curricular activities.

She added: “The aim of this year’s event specifically is to inspire, challenge and propel each girl towards the future as they answer the question ‘What is your dream?’ which was this year’s conference title.”

This programme is to be spread through other schools in the following years. Other projects are expected in the second half of the Spring Term such as ‘Mother and Daughter Afternoon Tea’ in order to engage the community and local families.

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