Young man accuses Tower Hamlets Police of brutality

Pic: Google Street View

Pic: Google Street View

Police officers in Tower Hamlets have been accused of “brutality” after a video circulated on Twitter showing officers arresting a young man.

The footage shows Metropolitan Police officers arresting a young man outside the Arbour Youth Centre in Stepney; the officers restrain the individual, whilst he shouts: “You’re lying”.

One of the officers accuses the man of spitting, before proceeding to place him in a headlock. The individual’s friend continues to record, asking: “Why are you holding his head?”

The video was posted on Twitter this morning by the featured man, calling it “police brutality at its finest”. Tower Hamlets Mayor John Biggs was quick to comment on the incident:

“Very alarmed by video of incident at Arbour Youth Centre last night. Clearly needs investigating, have requested urgent meeting with police”

Commander Sue Williams, Tower Hamlets Borough Commander for the Met, issued a statement shortly after the video went viral on Twitter, though claimed that no formal complaint has been made:

“Senior officers at Tower Hamlets are aware of the footage of the arrest being circulated on social media and of community concerns regarding this. As soon as they became aware the man in the footage was contacted to see if he wished to make a formal complaint.

“To date no formal complaint has been received in connection with this incident but this is being followed up. However, the footage has been passed to the Directorate of Professional Standards to review.

“A review is necessary as the footage captures only a snap shot of officers restraining a man who is non compliant in a difficult policing situation.”

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