It’s time to #cleartheair

London’s air pollution levels have been described by Mayor Sadiq Khan as a “public health emergency”. Around 9,000 Londoners die prematurely every year due to the toxic air in the city. And last week, not one, not two, not three but four parliamentary committees launched a joint inquiry into the air pollution crisis – after the government has lost repeated court cases over its meagre plans for tackling the problem.

This week, EastLondonLines looks at the story behind the statistics, finding out what’s causing the bad air in our boroughs, what it does to us – and what can be done about the problem.

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A cyclist wearing an air pollution mask.

A cyclist wearing an air pollution mask. Pic:ProfDEH

Monday, 27 March

A Ride Through The Smog
We took a trip by bike down Cycle Superhighway 2 in Tower Hamlets – to explore air pollution and how it affects our lives. Watch our video for a snappy intro to the issue.

Air Pollution and You
A map of the distribution of health impacts across the boroughs, as well as an organ-by-organ run down of health effects.

How Londoners can protect themselves from toxic air
Things you can do to avoid breathing too much pollution – including following a Twitter bot.

Air Pollution in Hackney

Air Pollution in Hackney, Pic: David Holt

Tuesday, 28 March

Air pollution: How bad is it really where you live?
We take a look at the local picture – and crunch the numbers to find out what’s causing the problem near you.

How worried are you about air pollution in your area?
Take our poll!

A Tower Hamlets mum and baby. Pic: Casper Hughes

Wednesday, 29 March

Meet the Londoners fighting for clean air
Three keen citizens tell us why they monitor air, what they are finding – and how citizen action may even be the key to nationwide change.

Is air pollution hurting my baby? A Tower Hamlets mum finds out
Going about their normal routine in Stepney Green, our trialists Helen – and baby Leela – attached the Buggyair monitor to their buggy and went around recording the data.

Sadiq Khan addresses the crowd at Trafalgar Square. Pic: Ying Kuen Tonmy Lam

Thursday, 30 March

Does Sadiq deserve his ‘Green Mayor’ reputation?
We take a look at what the Mayor of London has done so far on air pollution – and what action Londoners still need from him. Plus a brief tour of innovative solutions from elsewhere.

Air pollution: are you part of the problem – or part of the solution?
Take our quiz to find out how you rank – are you doing your part in the fightback against this public health emergency?

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