Who blighted the night? – the threat to local club culture

Pic: Mind Your Step Studioes

Nightclubs all over London are disappearing before our eyes, from trendy haunts in east London to cheap and cheerful Croydon.

The closure and subsequent reopening of London super-club Fabric after an impassioned campaign flung the future of UK nightlife into the public consciousness, while 2016 was the first year club openings  outweighed closures in years.

In this 3-day package we’ll examine how, underpinned by a greater public consciousness, London’s nightlife might be primed for a rebirth. Then, we’ll be documenting the evolution of Hackney’s nightlife and explaining why nightlife matters. That’s all before our final day, where we’re looking to the future.

DAY ONE: The Blight

DAY TWO: Why it Matters

  • Utopia after dark: Why Nightlife Matters: a holistic look at what nightclubs contribute and why what we do after dark matters
  • 6 clubs that changed Hackney: a short video taking you from 1967 into the present
  • 50 years: A brief history of London club culture in an interactive timeline


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