Catford brightens its streets with art initiative

Mosaic of Catford Cat by Tamara Froud Pic: Tamara Froud

After the success of the Catford Arts Organisation 2016 Trail, a new street art initiative is underway, curated by Caroline at 6Arts, facilitated by scenic artist Charlotte Gainey and supported by Team Catford.

The Catford Arts organisation started last year to help bring local artists together as a part of the “artification of Catford”, according to local artist and Catford resident Tamara Froud who joined Catford Arts last year. Froud said the Catford Arts Trail 2017 has grown “in force and numbers this year” and aims to “give them a platform in SE6 and beyond”.

Underpass street art by Zoe Henderson Pic: Tamara Froud

The artist added: “Catford is an exciting place to be at the moment. I have really enjoyed being part of this street art project, working with other artists and learning new skills. To me, this is all part of the artification of Catford – a process that is improving the street scape, encouraging people to interact with the art work and building a sense of pride.”

The “artification” aims to bring the Catford community together and to present it as a more creative and exciting place to live. One of the artists working on the underpass art, Zoe Henderson, said:  “It has felt like a true community gift to Catford that has been warmly received.”

Elm Trees, underpass street art by Zoe Henderson Pic: Tamara Froud

The underpass to the train station has now been transformed with artwork of elm trees, herons and stag beetles, inspired by the local parks. The colour schemes are typical of Henderson’s art who herself is often inspired by her local area.

Underpass street art by Zoe Henderson Pic: Tamara Froud

The art has drawn local attention, with people from the community getting involved in the project; from lending tools and equipment to some bringing out hot drinks and snacks for the volunteers.

Street art by Zoe Henderson Pic: Tamara Froud

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